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Originally Posted by WERK-I View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the sounds appears after the engine is up to temp or after short driving period? It is quiet when the engine is cold? You said the sound it makes is like a "card in the spokes" after you have driven it?
If rocker arms and lobes look normal, then it's got to be an exhaust leak....header flange gasket, header weld cracked, turbo flange gasket(s), wastegate flange gasket, cracked ceramic on spark plug, or.......busted head stud? But you did state your compression was good.
I'm also assuming the sound is the same whether the clutch is in or out.
You are correct on your assumptions. With the ticking, it sounds like one cylinder. When I place the stethescope on the valve cover, I can hear a metallic ticking. I assume that if it were exhaust related, I would not be able to hear the ticking through the valve cover.

This sprang up, from literally over-night, when I replaced the cam sprocket and cam chain idler sprocket. I had to time the cams, but that was it.

I placed the stethescope on the aftermarket turbo sump pump and it was dead quiet while running. If I had to bet, I would say that the sound seems to be coming from the intake side of cylinder #3. Also, I checked all head stud torque. I can not find any exhaust discoloration on anything either (header primary, spark plug, exhaust gasket, etc).

Goran - loose rocker, how? The lash is set properly, the rocker has little or no side to side play, the rocker shaft is in place and solid. Did I miss something?

It has to be something in the valve train for the #3 cylinder. It's dead silent for the first 30 seconds, then you can hear the tick. At idle, you have a very difficult time hearing it. At 2000 rpm, you can hear it if you know what to listen for. The hotter the engine, the less pronounced the tick. There is lots of oil from the spray bars too.
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