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I upgraded my 930 with HID's 6000k/35watt setup.
But too be honest the 4500's~5500k's offer the best distance and whitest light.
The 6000k's on a 35watt system vs that of the 55watt will look more blue/purple-ish.
However if you do go with a 55watt ( which are not road leagel ) will look very white with a hint of blue. Ofcourse state law's change state too state. Considering that the HID is day and night different from even that of my factory high beams I would say that it dosent really matter if the 6000k's for me have a slightly less efficiant too that of say the 4-5500k's.

I for kicks have changed the HID bulbs from time too time, not a cheap thing too do but Black car's do look interesting with a 3500k blasting a Yellow light in the winter months.
But I ended up sticking with the 6000k's, even though the 4-5500k's did project the beam of light a little further. Then again I have discussed this with other drivers and it comes down too driver prefference however the rule of thumb is, Yellow gives good poor condition low visability the closest too day light being in the range of 4-5500k.
Different drivers, Different eyes. Also some people can actually see a extra shade of green
which can play into why for some a blueish light gives improved deffinition, others like yellow, others light the whitest possible, alot of this will play into simply your own vision and not thieory but actually having your eyes checked out by a doctor and knowing if you have any sort of color blindness or night vision problems.

The HID's consume less power and in my own experince have not had any sort of melting incident. ^_^
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