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If you are going with a high HP engine, you do not need the close gear
> ratios, it is a mistake. Contrary to common (un) wisdom around these
> forums and with gearbox builders, taller gears on a high HP turbo
> engine will give you better results. This is why I was going to go the
> G50 route.. (I know you are getting the G50/50 and not G50/01 or
> G50/03 which are crap))
> The longer you stay in gear and acceleration , the faster you will go.
> On N/A cars with weak torque relatively speaking, it is a different
> story altogether. I have datalogging data proving what I am saying.
> High hp turbos are different.
> One of the best compromises for track and street is the 6 speed
> G64/51, except for the shortish 1st gear ratio, the others are
> fantastic. For a strictly street car that wants to beat anything else
> in acceleration, the stock G50/50 is the best.
> The 2 fastest 911 turbos (964 3.6 turbo and 993TT) that are today in
> the US and arguably the world, are both using a G50/50 gearbox BUT!
> with stock gears, not short gears. One is running 9.7 seconds at
> 147mph and the other is doing 8+ seconds (recently at 167mph) both are
> street cars. I know both guys.
> All of these strong components that Patrick and Guard use are sourced
> from New Zealand and Australia for a fraction of this cost..
> I am currently driving a plain stock TT gearbox with my 650 hp engine,
> with a stock differential, and I won the last race I had ahead of 42
> other cars in GT1 in Bahrain (highly modded cars including 996
> Supercups etc).. My car was going all over the place because of the
> stock diff, but the stock 6 speed gearbox is excellent. I have now
> bent my shaft finally, but that was after big abuse to my
> gearbox..(not the one that is in the US of course ) My sequential
> gearbox is waiting for GT2 EVO axles from Germany, since they have a
> larger flange, so it has not been installed yet.
> For strictly street, keep your G50, just add a Guard LSD to it. If and
> when you bend the shaft or damage a synchro, then replace it, you will
> see, it will last years
> The cost of the sequential? You don't want to know It cost 45,000
> Euros to build, but of course I did not pay that much. This gearbox
> was a one off especially built for Franz Konrad for Le Mans in his
> 993GT2 EVO

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