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Originally Posted by aschen View Post
I own a 930 instead of a vette because I think its cooler. I am however objective and realistic about performance. Again some facts:

Corvette ZR1 is faster than any production porsche ever with the possible exception of the carrera GT (and thats debatable). By fast I mean a road course not a drag strip..

Super Stock Autocross, is dominated by porsche gt3s, corvette Zo6, and lotus elise's. With all of them being fairly competitive against each other. These are basically stock crs in the most handling intensive test of performance there is.

Z06 optioned vette, is 65k 500hp, has massive brakes, is made largely from aluminum and carbon fiber, has titanium connecting rods, dry sump, and weighs about the same as a regular 911. It is faster in a strait line than 95% of the modded 930 on this board and faster than 99% of them on any kind of road course. Stock for stock it is an order of magnitude faster in any concievable way. I would have a better chance of beating mike Phelps in a swimming race than the 930 would have against a zo6.

Quality is hard to quantify but cost of owning and tracking a vette is less than a comparable porsche.

Stock for stock an 930 is faster and the better car than a vette of similar vintage.

Come on guys, dont make it hard to defend porsche owners on other car boards. Blind marque snobbery is bad stuff...
Aschen, I will stand by you so you're not taking a beating on this one. I think that most GM drivers, especially Corvette owners love to be Porsche haters too, so we need to support the Porsche marque. I do it every day here living in Detroit and working for Tier1 suppliers, and it does not make me popular. I think Porsche is the greatest car made, its why I own one. But I also like to be objective and apples to apples give credit where credit is due. The recent crop of Corvettes C6 and the Z06 are a magnitude better designed car compared to past GM history. They "can hang" on the track and are very fast for the money. Road and Track and other mags confirm this, I have driven on track days with them so I have seen it personally too. Would I buy one, No Way-still think they are crap if you look at the long haul. That being reliability and quality of construction....can you drive it to the track beat the crap out of it and drive home on regular basis? No, but give credit where credit is due. Performance numbers don't lie.
Plus I love to beat down those mullet wearing Corvette owners who think Porsche drivers are lame and un-American, You know it takes skill and balls to drive a 30 year old 930 fast around the track and any poser could drive a new Corvette quickly, where is the respect in that?
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