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Ok my last comments and then we will just agree to disagree

My elise is fun to drive because it is light. It would be more fun to drive if it had a 5.7l engine (with more usable low torque), if it weighed the same. I have never got into a car and said "man you can really feel the discplacement of this thing". High Hp/liter is usually what kids in civics brag about because their car is slow. I'll say it again for clarity the discplacement of an engine is a useless statistic. The following things are important: HP, torque curve, wt, fuel efficency, longevity.

Of course the 1.8l weighs less than a sbc but the 930 engine and the modern turbo engine weigh more than the modern high hp sbc (yes it is still a small block just bored to holy hell at 7 l for z06). Your disdain for vette repair is true of most new cars, none of them are as easy to work on as older cars. Tearing apart a 997 turbo is probably only slightly less involved than brain surgury. Epoxy is an awsome advance manufacturing technology fighter jets and my elise are assembled the same way. Yay for lightness.

The 930 is robust and overbuilt in many respects. A 500 hp 930 engine is less reliable on track than a stock crate zo6 motor I am sure. 930 is also heavy for a simple old car. If it had airbags, working ac, abs, crumple zone etc it would likely be a 4000lb car (actually thats not too far off a new turbo).

Yes I get it 89s vetts sucked, as did american cars in general at the time. Actually most all cars sucked at the time and the 930 wasent available for many of those years in the us. But the times have changed. 9s0 is a way better performing car than an 80s vette.

Before I started these rants my intention was to point out that stock for stock and mod for mod a modern vette is way higher performing than a 930. This is an absolute fact that is provable on any race course on any weekend by any stopwatch. All the vettes are junk comments are imho misguided and frankly come accross to me as blind porsche snobery.

So my conclusions. It is an absolute and provable fact that a modern vette is a much higher performing car than the classic 930 in any and every concievable reasonable test stock for stock or mod for mod. The 930 is still cooler though.

Everything else is hearsay which I dont agree with but "its a free country" as they say.......
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