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Originally Posted by 930gt-40r View Post
I agree that the person buying GM, Ford, and Mopar are not rocket scientists if they think they are getting a good thing, but America is still the greatest! (until this election finishes) Patriotism is the only thing that has kept the big three on their feet and now seeing the anti-Americanism that is being taught in todays public schools- The big 3 better kiss their 3 @sses goodbye...
Here's the thing, that ticks me off. Ever since the 240Z hit these shore, Detroit should have seen this freakin' train comin' down the tracks. But PATRIOTIC BUY AMERICAN BS has allowed them to sell an inferior product and survive all this time. People have called me unpatriotic all my life because I have foreign everything(except Stereo Equipment).

Now some 40 years later the chickens are roosting. These Detroit A-holes are lying in the bed that they engineered and produced, and propagated. I agree that America can build the finest products in any category, or at least engineer them and have china build it as in Computer motherboards. We can build better cars than anyone in the world, we don't though. Who could afford them? Do I think Germany makes the "Best" cars, no. It's the Japanese. Does original thought in Automotive engineering happen in Japan, I don't think so. But they were very smart in how they copied the good, improved upon the bad, and learned from their mistakes, and amlgamted different philosphies from everybody else to produce "best of all worlds" cars.

I don't buy pure Japanese though. I have a Toy Land Cruiser, a Merc Staion Wagon, and a BMW Motorcycle. The thing the Japanese have not produced in big quantites is a soul in their vehicles. Most Makes don't really have it anyhow. I think the 240/260/280 and Fairlady Z's are their best effort so far in the soul dept. However, the engines in these cars was a blatant theft of the Straight 6 from M-B with IMPROVEMENTS of course.

This rant is kinda on topic kinda not. My apologies to the OP if he's not happy.

Ohh, and GM buying Chrysler!! Since when did two wrongs make a right!! If we finance that Boondoggle, we deserve everything that happens to us.
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