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Originally Posted by x98boardwell View Post
First of all, you should never change your oil on a cold engine. I use to do this as well (so much easier). A warm or recently ran engine will still have all of the impurities contained or floating in the oil that you will want out when you drain the case and tank.

When the oil is cold or was stationary for a while all the crap will settle to the bottom and will be there when you add the new oil. At least have the car somewhat warm or recently driven.

As for the amount to add, put in 9 quarts from a normal oil change. Start the car and let it warm up and then measure the dipstick. Add oil accordingly based on the above mentioned guidelines.

I disagree here as well. The biggest reason is water. It's probably a mute point considering Dougs car and his oil temp issues of past, BUT. When the oil is cold, the majority of the water in the oil from condensation settles out. I've seen as much as 2 cups of water drain from the tank when I first pulled the plug on a cold engine.

There also will typically be more junk in the oil draining from the case than the engine if your filter is doing it's job. With a warm engine, the majority of the oil is in the tank, whereas over time, it seeps into the case (see above post)

IMO, having more oil in the case stands a better chance of bringing the junk out with it. You can always dump a quart of cheap oil in the tank after it's done draining to help rinse it. Although that's a waste of oil and time.

Ideally, if one wanted to be super anal about an oil change, you could let your engine sit for 24 hours or more, then put a small space heater under the case and tank to warm the oil so it flows easier. THis way, the junk/water will have setteled, and the warm oil stands a better chance of rinsing it all out, Again, probably a total waste of time and energy, but if it makes you feel better...

I have to agree w/ Rarly here, drain all oil, add 10-10.5 quarts, reach full operating temp, then top up as needed
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