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First thing, make sure your idle at fullly warm is adjusted down to 950 rpm, using the air correction/idle adjustment screw in the far back reaches behind the intercooler (a real pain to get to). As to the action of your AAR, it sounds to be working as intended; i.e., being fully open and letting in maximum air when the engine is cold, slowly closing as the engine warms up, and beginning to open back up after the engine's been shut down for a few minutes...thus the high idle for a short period even with a previously warmed up engine. These AAR's have a heating element to keep the thermo spring warm enough to fullly close, and this along with the engine heat keep it closed while running. But when you shut her down, the residual engine heat isn't enough to keep the valve fully closed and it will start to creep open again. It's just one of those little idiosynchrasies of the 930.

Unfortunatley the AAR is not intended to be adjustable. If you've got your fuel mixture and idle set correctly, then theoretically the AAR will function as intended. If you can't get your hot idle down to 950 with the idle adjustment screw, then it's possible the AAR isn't closing completely. If that's the case, try installing a PCV plumbing valve in-line with the air hose leading to the AAR and close it down to limit the amount of air it delivers. Or, remove the damn thing completely and plug all air lines. The downside of this approach will be a low cold engine idle.
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