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Originally Posted by Noah930 View Post
Sorry to hear of your troubles, pav. Again, once this is all cleared up, please come back and let us Pelicans know the names of the shop and broker involved, so that we can do our own due diligence and determine if we would want to use those establishments in the future.
As requested, here is how it turned out.

I started by posting the car for sale here (only) stating what I knew about the car. Within a few hours a first time Pelican visitor (really!!) saw my ad and contacted me. He knew the car from purchasing it (from the same previous owner) via eBay a year earlier. He returned it to Oregon from Atlanta without ever accepting shipment as he also spotted it as being a turd.

So, I had another e-mail conversation (e-mail is writing) with the previous owner and he repeatedly stated that he had told me everything he knew about the car blah, blah, blah.

The broker initially refused to accept any responsiblity, eventually (after a year and a pile of legal expenses on my and their side) offered to refund their comission. Eventually, they decided that, being an Limited Liability Corp. and rather than pay a lawyer to go to trial, they would simply fold up shop leaving nobody to pay.

The inspector refuses to accept any responsibility for anything.

A week before trial, I (not via my attorney but with his knowledge) offered to settle w/ everyone. Only the previous owner responded but convinced the broker to particitpate in settlement.

The net is I am paid $1K less than all of my expenses and lost a year and half of my time that I won't get back. The previous owner and broker paid about $14K of my expenses, the transaction price as well as their own legal expenses. The previous owner has his car on a carrier b/w here and Oregon and is trying to find a way to legally pursue the inspector.

some lessons learned:
1. get everything in writing
2. a broker's expertise may be coming from a 17 year old son
3. people will lie for money
4. a PPI can be entirely worthless
5. it's a small world
6. there are some really good people here on Pelican
7. there is no way to over-state the value of putting your own eyes and hands on a car
8. if you're right, you don't have to eat a (whole) ****e sandwich
9. attorney fees are $250/hr
10. a year and half of legal wrangling takes a toll.

Lastly, the car is a white ext./ deep blue '89 930 in Roseburg, Oregon, the shop was Auto tech in Roseburg and the broker was Lux. Car Network.

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