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Thank you for your comments, I do like my cars quite much as well , even if my opinion isn't completely neutral...

Did you say air and oil cooled, Craig? My green runs now all the time below the lowest line temperatures only, doesn't matter if 25 lap race or whatever... and in our tests with the diffuser prototype only problem has been how to mount it so permanently, that it really stays attached: power of the air tunnel to rip it of from the car is enormous.
I have 3 huge oil coolers in front, bigger one in rear and also oil lines are all the way >1" inside diameter or larger. This is very important aspect when having front coolers: too small lines causes the oil pump cavitation and damage, even if you meters showes that the temperatures and pressures are ok.

Also the diffuser must be easily removable, because we need to go from Finland to Germany by ferry and getting a very low car to the ferry means always some special adjustments, like rip of the diffuser on front bumper or something. Mr. Chamberlain in UK has been ruling last few years their club racing (even over 996 GT2 FIA-cars with his own self built 935 replica, which has active suspension and downforce bottom plates.
Everybody has been telling such a problem

Yes Facey, you are correct with that: the suspension movements must be in very small scale. My green has max 20mm. movement now in suspension, so it is quite hard should I say:
rear springs 800lbs
rear sway bar 34mm
front springs 650lbs
front sway bar 28mm
Therefore it should work well with the bottom plate system. Also I have only 65mm clearance beneath the side skirts and front splitter, but in the middle of the bottom I have 130mm, so I have a sort of tunnel effect in the middle of the car.

Something must be done: front is quite ok because of front splitter and side skirts: the fast part in the ring, Flugplatz I can now pull over the crest with 270km/h speed without jumping to the air (there is not too many cars in the world which can do this) and brake no sooner than just before the Schwedenkreutz (to 190km/h) to go in. But the rear is really dangerous now when accelerating through Schwedenkreutz to 240km/h before braking to tight right hander to 90km/h. Also next downhill section (Fuchsrohre) is terribly dangerous to go through the bottom over 260km/h if not a reasonable change in the downforce of my rear... I'm not aiming too much of the outlook but controlled speed and time.
If I really want to be faster than any modern 997 of my friends (and I really will be), the bottom plate technology is must.

rsrmike, in this thread I have in page 1 link to my other thread where is more specific draftings about the cooling and air routes in different situations, craig has seen them already, but doesn't believe I think .
Diffusor bottom plate plans for 911
Yes, my 964 rs replica is originally -77 car but everything has changed (engine, body, brakes, suspension, interior etc.) except the gear box. I already have 3 extra 915 gear boxes in my garage waiting for change, so it's not so big deal to fix grey one back to the street.
Garage: Strosek 911 RUF BTR|Strosek 911 3.6 rat RSR|Strosek 928SR|928S4R|928S|996C2RSR...and more... Altogether 11 Germans - 3 Italians - 2 British

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