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Originally Posted by 911rudy View Post
Before then they were all built by different shops for the special wishes program.
- I would imagine that there are many different variations of all of these cars. None of them would have the 505 or 506 code because they left the factory already designated by Porsche and were modified by an after market company.
- The only real way to tell would be to get the build sheet or contact the after market company for info.
- I was under the impression that the P in DP was for plastic and that there mods were mostly plastic and not steel.

That's not an original car... the kit was offered during the 80s and 90s by an outfit located in Germany. They advertised regularly in AutoMotor Und Sport.

Additionally, although there are a number of variation on the theme. Porsche never used "differnt shops" to do thier slantnose cars or other items for thier Special Wishes (Sonderwush I believe.. my German is very rusty these days) Program. It was all in house.

The earlier speal wishes progam cars do not have the 505 &506 code becuase the option code did not exist before 87. Not becuase the car left the factor for work elsewhere at an aftermarket company.. they did not.

Your impression of the P in DP is correct. DP is short for Designs in Plastic. They specialized in fiberglass conversions and mock-up. The car in quetion is clearly not a DP.

Between DP and Kremer, they can be creditied with the orignal design of the slantnose look as I believe that DP did the actual design for Kremer.. thus the 935 was born. Porsche adapted the use for thier race cars... and customers began to want the look for their street cars. So the slantnose was born through the special wishes dept which also began as a spin-off from the customer division of the racing dept.

zcoker: Speculation is correct.. that's all it is. The factory did not cut the stock front fenders and TIG welded the slat area. This was done by the aftermarket companies.. again not the factory.

I've owned several slantnosed cars.. factory Wishworks car, aftermarket conversion, Kremer non-Turbo conversion, and my present car which is an AJR conversion that used factory fenders as offered by them in the 80's. I've also had the occasion to inspect a number of other slantnoses for various reasons.
So I'd venture to say that what you've heard is untrue!

- On the factory cars.. the fenders are stamped just as any other production fender from Porsche. There is no seam or other evidence of a weld udernieth

- Aftermarket conversions w/steel fenders have a seam where the flat louvered part was "tig" welded in. You can see this from undernieght, and usually it doesn't matter how much undercoating is there.. you can see and feel it.

- Of course the Kremer and DP cars are glass..

Another point that someone made.. the front bumper trim.
Although I'm sure that it's purposeful, That is something that Porsche, as a company, would probably not let leave the shop. Not trying to be funny, but
Wishworks or not.. Porsche has a certain standard, call it arrogance if you want.. with regard to what they produce with thier name on it.. Remember, this was the 80s.. ti was a different time than the mass production we see now.
I've been to the factory, the museum, Sonderwush etc... and that just isn't thier work.. It's just not clean enough.

On the other hand, I think both the red and the Black 930 are very cool as I like odd cars.. The black car looks like it might have some nice mods as well. It ain't a factory slant or Wishworks car but it's unique. If you can get the dollar right then do it.

kilodawg: Your car always looks good man.. it's just sexy that color fits the slantnose widebody!

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