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Originally Posted by x98boardwell View Post
..........................The symptoms, Please read this carefully...

The temperature outside is around 55 degrees. When I am driving the car (remember, no boost yet) the car will never heat up appropriately to the desired temperature.

Anytime there is load on the car (taking off from dead stop or pushing on gas at low rpm's) the car will buck like it's missing on 2 of the six cylinders or no fuel. It doesn't matter how long I drive the car for, this will happen. Now for the really weird part... if I stop, shut off the car and let some of the heat from the motor fill the engine bay heating up components (like the WUR, spark plug wires which are brand new and other things) I can go to the car and start it up 10 minutes later and the car will run great with absolutely no bucking or hesitation at all for about 2 blocks. As soon as the cold air gets back into that area, the entire thing happens all over again.

Any suggestions? I have posted some pic's of my drip tank so you can get the idea of what I did. If anyone else needs some photo's, I will be happy to take tomorrow.

Thanks for your help in advance,

Concerning this problem, I would check the control pressures cold, then warm. It could be lean in the first scenario you described, which could be a leaky Auxiliary Air Regulator. That can be quickly checked by disconnecting the air hoses from the unit and plugging the ends of the hoses after the engine has idled for a while. ( <3 minutes)
1.) Start the engine and let it idle until it reached normal idle speed.
2.) Then turn off the engine and plug the hoses on both sides of the AAR.
3.) Start the engine it should idle normally at the factory recommended RPM's (950-1000).
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