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Originally Posted by x98boardwell View Post
That is a great idea and easy to do. It seems that all the time my AFR's are bouncing... never consistent at idle. When it bucks, they jump into the 16's for a second because of loss of fuel I'm guessing.

Just to clarify, the AAV or AAR is the one that sits in front of the WUR and connects to the IC correct? If so, do I just plug the holes where the hose was before?

Lastly, when you said "leaky AAV", were you referring to the hose or the valve itself, because the hose on my car is brand new so just making sure. Could you clarify how it would be leaking and let me know if I'm correct on the description and what to remove?

Alan L, I figured you read the post incorrectly, I know that you know you shi& so no worries. I have a donor WUR from the same year car that I know is working correctly, if it's not the AAV, then I can put that on and see.

Please advise,
Just plug the hoses going to and from the AAV. That will prevent air entering the intake either through the IC or from the output side of the AAV.
Yes, it is the aluminum device slightly rearward (towards rear of car) of the WUR.
The AAV has an internal valve that is normally closed when then engine has been running for a few minutes. It allows a cold engine to fast idle when the throttle body is closed. After a few minutes the AAV closes. It only has an effect at low engine speeds since the valve can not flow as much as the throttle body.
Don't be surprised that your idle speed, once the engine starts, may be either too high or too low. I've seen a lot of instances, by mechanics, where the idle screw on the throttle body is adjusted to compensate for a defective or erratic AAV.
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