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Originally Posted by 911nut View Post
Gee, I thought mine was a little too tame out of the box.
I know of someone over on Rennlist with headers, no cat and .9 bar that is making 350 RWHP (approximately 390 FWHP).
The stock muffler makes a great cork as I found out when I went to a RarlyL8 muffler. The stock muffler also makes a great doorstop at 25 lb. but I won't go on showering it with praise
Are you certain about the Turbo S (the 3.3L one) having ported heads? There isn't much information about the 3.3L car around. Everything I've seen only said it has 964 cams, polished intake ports and a stock K27 running at .9 bar.
The only TurboS I know of was the 3.6. The S2 was a different animal as noted above. It was a build by Andial. I would not bet the farm on the porting but I am pretty sure. The S2 also had a thicker core welded in by Andial.

On the C2T the cat/muffler is the dog. The muffler in the pasanger rear fender is not restrictive and you can pass a tennis ball through it.

My belive is the C2 and most the turbos do not need headers. The magic is eliminating as much back pressure as possable after the turbine wheel.

It is my belife that the B&B has a poor wastgate design that tricks the wastgate into providing higher boost than intended. When I had my C2T several of us that ran Tial WG's that had to use lower boost springs to get the boost we wanted. We were running biger turbos and with small turbines and that migh have contribuited to the issue. I think I may have run a .7 bar or somthing. I changed back to the K27-7200 as it comes in much faster and harder. The big turbo was like a normally asperated car and built power progressively.

I still think the magic on a C2T is a vac sensing WIR, cat bypass, and gears from a C2/4 3.6. The stock first is tall and expensive to change our but putting 2-5 in it makes for a closer range gear box that keeps you in boost and the power band between shifts.

I also changed the orintation of my custom compressor bypass valve. It was open all the time and slamed shut only when I lost vacunm with acceleration for instant boost. My boost stayed at over .8bar between shifts with no compressor stall.

When I was done with that car is almost ran like an EFI car with little lag. Most of that was because I had control over the CIS control presure using the frequency valve plumbed around it and a specal controler that sensed manifold vac/boost and rpm and was mapable.

Boy I miss that car.
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