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Hey Sand_man..

Overall they're both pretty solid cars.. I can't say a whole lot negative about them except when they do begin to need stuff.. ouch! The cost is usually 2-3 times as much on an M-car as on it's standard counterpart. With over 125k miles, depeding upon who the owner is.. it may need guides.. with a tha DOHC motor it's not a cheap undertaking. They have a tendancy to somtimes shear crank pulley bolts, and or cam gears when the chain, sproket, wears or tensioner loses pressure. BMW bottom ends are pretty solid and you almost have to do something stupid or just totally neglect it to casue a failure.

- Water pumps tend to fail,
- Raditors if plastic have a tendancy to crack at the neck where the hose clamp was tightened, or just beyond that point.
- A/C like Porsche's system tends to be an aventure.. not quite as bad though. Once you chase down the issues and get'm squared away you've got good a/c.


- upper control arm bushings get weak and cause slop (replace with Poly and your done)
- have seen a few power steering boxes rip the mounting points off the frame, that's a fun repair
- also seen a few diff mounts ripped out
(keep in mind that some of these examples are from cars that have been flogged)
Uhhh, kinda like the way you would end up beating on it due to withdrawls from boost addiction.

No real electrical problems unless some Einstien did an ill stereo or alarm install (we've all seen that before).

More simply put, stay away from that big body M-stuff unless you've just got to have another sex toy..
If you're looking for more economy/depndable and a nice bimmer.. check around for a well maintained 528e or 525i manual.

If you want some pep.. p/u either an E28 or E34 535i 5spd. Nice cars & a lot of them available for sale. Most are high milers but still have a lot of life left in them. Many have had some suspension or performance mods and are fun to drive!

Another of my favorites is the 525i Touring.. that's the wagon. Decent looks and you can make them handle well. You ain't gonna win many races with it, a front spoiler and some wheels will sure make it look fast.

You might want to look at the 735 & 740s as well lotta car for the money 90-93 735,
94 740i or iL. The latter are V8s, more costly to run and repair.. but some good ones out there.

Notice I've only mentioned the older stuff.. that's becuase it's hard to beat a BMW inline 6 for a car that you can beat on and still rely on it to get you there.. even when it needs stuff.
Oh, and you can pick any of this stuff up for $5-7K and have a nice one.

Not a sermon, just a thought..

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