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I have just been through the exercise of tidying up my front end and a I took a few photos for the record. Some of them may give you an idea of what to look for.

The bumper comes off first without the valance.
Remove the two small screws in each end of the center rubber strip and then pull the rubber off carefully. If you are lucky, the small plastic retaining clips will pop out of the bumper - if you're not, they will snap off.
Remove the bellows from each side. The four small nuts aren't always easy to get at but I managed with a small 1/4 drive socket and ratchet.
Then it's only the four large nuts that were hidden behind the rubber strip and a bunch of wires and hoses.

Removing the indicator lights with the bumper in place is only possible if there's nothing behind the bumper (like oil coolers, water container, horns, etc). Normally, you will need to remove the bumper far enough to get access to the mounting nuts on the back of the lights. Unbolt them and leave them dangling on their wires.

The headlight washers are a bit of a pain to disconnect. If you haven't seen how they come apart beforehand, you are likely to break them (don't ask!). Obviously, the hose clip can be loosened and the hose pulled off the fitting, but my hoses were so inflexible that I couldn't budge them. This hose is cheap to replace so if you have any problems here, just cut it close to the fitting and use new hose later (I think it is 1/2" nylon reinforced plastic hose).
These fittings also pull apart, so if the hose won't come off, the other option is to pull the 90 degree elbow rearwards out of the body of the nozzle (carefully).

With the bumper out of the way, you will see that the valance is held on by four bolts and the spoiler where it is attached to the fenders. It's all downhill from here. Have fun.

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