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If the front balance shaft seals are leaking, the oil will run down the front and look like it's comming from all kinds of other places. Same with the front cam seals.

It could also be an external oil leak at the oil cooler housing cover gasket. Part of the main oil circuit is built into the front side of the housing to feed the oil filter/oil pressure relief valve, and operate the oil pressure sender. Mine was leaking in this manner when I replaced the seals (luckily not into the coolant or at the cooler element seals yet).

As for the side, either the AOS seals, the dipstick seal, and/or the balance shaft housings, like has been said. Reach up and poke at the rear circular plug at the rear of the upper balance shaft housing. If it feels, loose, the O-ring is shot. Both of mine are leaking badly and I'm planning to do them next week, so keep an eye out for a picture thread on that job. You have to pull the intake manifold off to get at the balance shaft housing, as well as the AOS seals, so you might just want to just plan a job to tackle both. The only way I sealed my dipstick perfectly was to clean it really well and pack the joint with grey RTV. The o-ring that is supposed to go there didn't really do too well. I would only suspect the oil pan if it keeps leaking after fixing those.

Just for the heck of it, check that the oil pan bolts haven't backed out. They are only supposed to be torqued to 6 and can easily come least that's what I found on mine when I got my car. 3 were totally missing and at least half a dozen or more were on their way out, too. I'm thinking locktite would be a really good idea for those and whoever replaced the gasket last (I was told it was replaced) didn't use any.
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