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You Could just pull the pulley and do only one of the seals...I guess...SURE...However, I would do em all because If one has gone bad, the others may not be far behind. Professionals replace all of the seals AND the waterpump on every timing belt job. (all the idlers too)

I am a fan of "if it aint broke, don't fix it", and am currently running on new belts with all old components. (don't try this at home folks, special circumstances) However...If I had some seals go bad, I would go in there and do em all. It is possible the engine overheated or that the seals are original. In any event, if one of them is leaking, the rest cannot be far behind. They were probably all installed at the same time, are all the same age and have undergone the same amount of service, use and or abuse. Oil will destroy your belt, and then mate, you are screwed.

Seals are relatively cheap. If you search the forum you can find some instructions for making home made special tools for installing them, and you are already here. I STRONGLY recommend you spend the extra few hours and..what? 20-30 bucks? to do em all while you have the puller out.

While I am thinking about it...Are you using new rollers? you should be. How does the waterpump look? snap a few good closeups of the base, would ya? Do we know how old any of the components are? Get a FWLock. Honestly, I can't imagine removing the CS bolt without it (It is a Mother!) Check around.
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