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Peter Morgan's response

I got Peter's response through a third party this morning. I thank him for taking the time to respond with his thoughtful response.

"The 'Sonderwunschen' (note the correct spelling - on the thread somebody
called it the sonderwush!) or special wishes cars were built as one-offs to
special customer order in the early days. They could be conversions to
factory fresh cars or to customer cars that had run for some time. They were
very handmade by the Repair and Restoration workshop in Werk 1,
When I looked through the sales records in Porsche back in 1993 (for the
first edition of Original 911), the first slant-nose style car listed was
93ZBS000619 delivered on 16 July 1981. They would convert both SC/Carreras
or Turbos. Juergen Barth agrees with that as well (see his Porsche Specials
book from 1984)
Since I wrote Original 911 somebody contacted me (in 2004)to say they had
the first slant-nose, VIN 93ZBS000136, delivered in June 1980. It appears to
be the car shown on the thread you sent me. I didn't see any record of that
car in Porsche, but of course, that doesn't mean to say they didn't do it.
The then-owner said he had a letter of authenticity from Porsche also. The
owner of the 1980 slant nose said the car was first manufactured (as a
regular 911 Turbo) in June 1980 and delivered to its owner in October the
same year. Apparently the car carries a dash plaque reading G/S/A-0/13/31.
The first and last letters are reported to stand for the first customer's
name - Gerhard Ammann, with the S likely standing for Sonderwunschen. It's
not a numbering system I've seen before in Porsche (but I'm always

The bottom line is that I suspect that (like many things to do with Porsche
before the mid-1990s), the number of slant-noses made before the car became
a regular production option/model is unknown. As somebody else noted on the
threads, there is evidence the Repair workshop were converting
already-delivered customer cars with special modifications (the RS).
That would explain why I didn't see any build records for such cars (a
different accounting cost code). It's so difficult to be sure on
authenticity as rumours and hearsay get passed down the years and soon what
was once just conjecture becomes 'must be right' fact.
It is also very straightforward for a modern bodyshop to receate these
cars.I would agree with one of the forum contributors that a good majority
of slant-noses are probably fakes - in the 1980s you could buy bolt on
panels from every self-respecting Porsche specialist.
The problem only comes when individuals go looking for large values from
these cars. It's down to those owners to prove they have something special
and for the market to decide if the car warrants special valuation.
By the way, both the black and the white slant-noses shown in the threads
look as though they have early front bumpers (with the four square
headlights and big square turn signals). The Ruf wheels and teardrop mirrors
are obviously later fitments. That doesn't mean to say they are the genuine
articles however.
I interviewed the old head of the Repair workshop some years ago and he said
they did bespoke conversions all the time. There was another slant-nose
conversion for an Arabian Sheik that had a special under dash compartment
for a machine pistol! There are allegedly other stories about payment
methods I can't relate in print.

The very, very important thing today is establishing whether these cars are
authentic. There are some very good sounding stories surrounding special
classic Porsches these days, but the important thing is to see authentic,
original, documentary provenance."

Hope that helps,

'85 930 Factory Special Wishes Flachbau
Werk I Zuffenhausen 3.3l/330BHP Engine with Sonderwunsch Cams, FabSpeed Headers, Kokeln IC, Twin Plugged Electromotive Crankfire, Tial Wastegate(0.8 Bar), K27 Hybrid Turbo, Ruf Twin-tip Muffler, Fikse FM-5's 8&10x17, 8:41 R&P
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