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Personally, based on the previously posted article, and information uncovered by others, the issue between hand fabricated and stamped has been resovled. It's clear that the fenders were obviously formed by both methods. Welded and hand formed on earlier cars and stamped for later cars.. Question now seems to be when they cut-over.

Again, based on the article and the comment by Ulbrich in 87.. I would think that the cutover time for moving to stamped fenders would fall somewhere between 85 & 86.
Keeping in mind that they were selling Turbos for European consumption only in any flavor or style you wanted from 80 to 86.

With the US re-introduction of the 930 scheduled for 87, it's only reasonable that they had tooled up for specific production variences at least two years prior to production.. possibly even 3 years out. Don't forget, although we love our dear cars.. it was business for them and as such there were certain financial, and production guidlines that Porsche had to adhere to, not to mention those of a regualtory nature. You can rest assured, that the slant nose along with the regular bodied Turbo had to meet new US safety standards of the time. This alone would factor in to them moving from a welded fender to a stamped steel unit. Every fender would thus be the same with no varience.. simple industry production standard. In essence, a documented repeatable process.

As far as the slats in the tops of the fenders were concerend. I really didn't want to comment on that as the article and several others stated them as being hand formed or welded. Personally, I think that's a little squewed in that I've seen louvers made before.. and they're punched on a machine.
Usually done on a flat sheet of metal, you can then take that metal and form it into whatever you want. I would think it difficult to "punch" a louver after a fender is formed.. unless as it was alluded to, maybe a pre punched section was welded in. (and I'm speaking of the hand formed welded fenders only). With the stamped fenders I'd be willing to bet they were punch as flat metal and sent through to be stamped into fenders.
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