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Xmas corner balance gone too far!

Where we are going here is to torsion bars, so if you don't know anything about them, go to the next thread now.

I've got a couple of weeks off over Christmas so I thought I'd sort out my from RHF brake lock-up problems. Did lots of searching and hours of reading and decided to get the back end sorted out first.
Did that. Got it nice and level and 30mm lower than it was. Looks much better

Started to look at front end and first problem seemed to be that one side adjuster was wound right up and the other was wound down.
Then I noticed a tear in one of the balljoint boots.

About here, my corner weight adjustment job took a different direction and I started unbolting stuff. Before too much longer, my garage floor looked like this ...

and my car looked like this ...

I decided to pull the torsion bars out of the control arms just to have a look and found this ...

Both bars have about 0.5mm wear on the underside at the rear end of the bar.
Obviously they are scrap now, but is this a common problem?

This gives me the perfect excuse to do some upgrading - but to what?

I am not interested in going for hollow TBs as I am not too concerned about saving weight here. Besides, hollow TBs are larger in diameter than equivalent solid bars, so surely they would have even less clearance to the inside of the control arm and be more likely to suffer the same fate eventually?

I have been considering stiffer sway bars (F & R), but some of my reading here is leading me in the direction of stiffer TBs as a better all round compromise for what is basically an enthusiastically driven road car with ocassional club events.
Our host has a variety of TB diameters available from Sway-A-Way (21mm, 22mm and 23mm). 19mm is standard.
This is where I need to run a poll! Give me your size recommendations.

I will also have to replace bushes but I don't want the hassle of regreasing them.
Weltmeister poly-graphite seems to be easiest solution here without spending lots of $$ (other other suggestions?)
I don't plan to replace the standard Bilstein struts anytime soon, and if I go for heavier TBs, I will also keep the standard 22mm sway bar for now as well. (I'm really looking forward to springing that sucker back in place!)

I would love to hear your comments. If you think I am heading in the wrong direction, or there's a better solution, speak now or forever hold your peace.

PS. My wheel bearings are packed with green gease. I've never seen this before. What is it?
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