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Part 3: I luv sanding! No really!

Well ladies and gents I have made progress over the x-mass break! So ... last we saw our errant adventurer had just bonded the FG section to the metal lid section...

There were several places where the FG section fell short of the metal. I applied more 3M panel bonding agent to build up these areas to where I could use a light coat of body filler.

I used 40 grit to rough it up prior to applying the goop:


Finished. The goop will dry with a slight concave depression so some filler will need to be applied to get a nice surface. Note the masking... you do not want to get this crap on your car!

I also filled some of the areas that I missed on the edges or where the bonding agent had shrunk in. Most of it will be sanded off later...

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I'm using a 5" random orbit sander with 80 grit paper to do a lot of the gross grinding. It certainly is not the fastest, but having little expertise in this area I would rather take it off in smaller bits to avoid taking too much off.

My biggest issue will be the leading edge nearest the rear glass. This is where I think the whole assy. will show that it is actually two parts glued together. My objective is to sand it down to a thin edge w/o loosing the structural integrity of the leading edge. Right now I have it at about 1/4" or so. I'm into the FG at this level. Looks like 1/16th of panel bond and the rest is FG:

It thickens at the corners so I started using 40 grit on a 6" hand block to take the area from the edge to about 6" in down more than the rest. I could not use the orbital on this area due to the complex curves.

I also had a problem on the old wing where the area where the wing meets lid would rub the body. I have a few bare metal spots on the body because of this. So for this new part I have sanded in some cut backs to avoid this in the future. Passenger side went well. Drivers side broke through which was expected. I will be fill this area with some more panel bond and using masking tape to cover the hole. This will prevent the panel bond from escaping as it is quite fluid when just mixed. With luck I'll have a nice puddle of it on the interior that I sand down to make the right sized cut back.

Looks a lot worse than it actually is!

next post....
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