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Deeeeeply rooted issues - found some childhood answers to me current car insanity

I've always been a ludicrous petrol head, like many a you here I'm certain. Insanity loves good company, ya know?

Stumbled upon some boxes of my childhood toys, back from about when I was 6 on. Root of many of me issues I possess today (or possess moi?) become suddenly lucid. Know yous here are simply DORK enough to share with, I do.

Some of the more interesting bits - the astute eye will name most:

Some rather neat Porsche content...

Wicked cool - the firckin detail on this is astounding (one of them pull back 'n go racers). Dig the roll bar, RSR mirrors, and NACA ducts everywhere:

Dayum, I'd forgotten about this slot car, either DP or Kremer (right). True story - me bro & me would literally dab Palmolive pump soap across the starting line of the slot car track so we could light 'em up and greasely wag them down the straight:

I dig the varying iterations of flares 'n spoilers - and I have a bunch more bodies in the box:

jeweled headlights and opening decklid on this old early 911 Matchbox:

not Porsche related but just too damn cool IMO - Jag C or D type (sorry I forget) full size slotcar, scripted Dunlop slicks even with sizing data included - kewl:

Lastly, this 'splains a LOT... I went on to pilot a clone to this me Sr. yr. of HS - Whoa! Magic Bus! (just for you Sandman):

Thanks for lettin me share... isssues - I've got 'em (including indulging in the "High Life" - yeah )... 8-)
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