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Guys, I sent off an email to the Great Britain Porsche Club last week from a source at Peter Morgan's company. The PCGB has established a Porsche 930 SE registry some time ago and were kind enough to offer their own experiences in establishing some sort of database. I will post their observations in the next few windows.

Thanks to Barry Smith and Phil Clark of the Porsche Club - Great Britain for their contributions.
************************************************** ******
930 Turbo SE Register

Love or hate, like or loath, that’s the normal response of most people when they express an opinion on the 911 Turbo with Sport Equipment. Produced in the late 80,s as a limited production model the Turbo SE or Slant nose for me is arguably at the pinnacle of Porsche’s vision and philosophy of its sport’s car production of
that era, 959 accepted.
Borne out of customer demand and executed by the special wishes department at Zuffenhausen, these cars were and are special in every way, according to Porsche cars GB the total number of cars built for the English market was 49, maid up of 39 coupes and 10 cabriolets, and as with all Porsche cars destined for this country carry the C16 country code on the vehicle identification labels attached to the bonnet underside and the service book.

The build numbers were gained by going through every 930 chassis number and more importantly build sheets and specification codes for the cars imported between1986 to 1989 as the SE, s built by special wishes can’t be identified from chassis numbers alone. Outside of this search the first UK spec car a silver coupe currently belonging to Allan Windmill carries a 1985 chassis number so brings the build total to 50.

For model year 1985, WPO ZZZ 93ZFS ****** 1 was imported a coupe

For model year 1986, WPO ZZZ 93ZGS ****** 18 were imported all coupes

For model year 1987, WPO ZZZ 93ZHS ****** 8 were imported all coupes

For model year 1988,WPO ZZZ 93ZJS ****** 5 were imported (3 of which were cabriolets)

For model year 1989,WPO ZZZ 93ZKS ****** 18 were imported (7 of which were cabriolets)

And as with normal Porsche practice a number 2 placed in the second number position of the six sequential numbers in the 17charactur chassis number identifies the cabriolets, i.e.

WPO ZZZ 93ZJS020***, A zero in the same position identifies the coupe’s, that’s the easy bit from hear on SE identification becomes more difficult as every car tended to be built to a customer’s specific requirement chosen from the list of standard and special wish options.
Every special wishes 930 SE started out as a normal 911 Turbo and would be ordered as such this is the reason that the chassis numbering followed normal Turbo sequencing, along with this a separate conversion list unique to each vehicle was added to produce each Turbo SE, this on the face of it seems straight forward enough but the stage in production at witch the conversion was carried out seamed to have been a bit flexible as there are cars on the register that are known to have been completed as a standard Turbo then converted by the works to SE spec later, in some cases after delivery to the dealers and or customers thus requiring the car ,s return to the factory.

This fact can cause alarm to some subsequent owners as when they request a chassis check at Porsche Cars GB all they get back is the standard Turbo build and options list with no mention of any SE specification, this mistakenly leads them to doubt the authenticity of there car, in cases like this it can take time and several inquiries to finally discover if your care is what it seams, hopefully the register will untangle the original build history and in time provide in depth information for each and every car on it, so if you have a Turbo SE built to UK spec that’s not on PLEASE get in touch, more on build codes next month.

Pleasant Porschering

Barry Smith and Phil Clark

************************************************** ***************

More info to come............
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