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Updates on engine top-end rebuild


Please reference my previous thread which will explain everything
While I was driving, everything was fine until.....

I have been working vigorously on my motor to finish it up. Here are just some of the things that I have done in the last 60 days.

1) Rebuilt cylinder heads by Competition Engineering.. Walt is a great guy, drove down to see him in person about 2 1/2 hours away.
2) Walt also honed my cylinders and I installed a new ring set.
3) Re-ground rocker arms and new shafts where needed
4) New Head studs
5) Cams reground to SC specs by Webcams (I actually was running 964 cams and didn't know it) but I do not track the car and was concerned more with off boost power... not high rpm power
6) Powdercoated Fan, Valve covers, engine mount in front, fan housing, engine tin in front, cylinder heat fins, and engine mount cross bar
7) Flywheel turned
8) glass beaded my chain tensioner cases and covers
9) Installed new master link chains and all new (6) chain ramps.
10) Fuel filter
11) All new vacuum hose
12) rebuilt fuel distributor by Exhaust Special-T's (guy is an ass, but does good work)
13) New coil and spark plug wires
14) rebuilt scavenge pump with new gaskets and seals
15) New rear main seal
16) New pilot bearing
17) new throw out bearing
18) I went through wiring harness and fixed/soldered/replaced any possible connection issues before installing it back into the car
19) New engine seal all the way around.
20) New firewall Appbiz sound/heat pad
21) Cleaned entire air box (under the fuel dist.) and re-siliconed with lithium grease where pivot arm is actuated by fuel dist.
22) Cleaned entire inside of intake manifold (since I blew a turbo seal previously... this was messy) inside and out

When I went to see Walt at Competition Engineering he put my heads on a leak tester. All of them were in fairly good shape. The valve guides were the issue, they were shot. The cylinders were all in spec except for 2 of them (not sure which ones). He honed all of them with a special machine and I installed a new ring set to re-seat. Walt mentioned that if I were to buy new cylinders (lets say stock for example) that they would flex to almost the same out-of roundness as mine in the 1st hour of operation. He said there was no reason to run new or different cylinders unless I wanted to cough up the $$ to do so. He has been doing this for many years and said there was no need if I was planning on staying stock which I was.

In the meantime while my motor was at Walt's, I decided to do some spring cleaning on the engine bay, replace sound pad and engine seal. The motor has been coming back together nicely and I have paid close attention to replacing anything that should not be re-used. My goal is to create a nice reliable 930 with some extra power that I can take to the coast or mountains with no worry about leaving me standed.

My brother (turbobrat930) did all of the yellow powdercoating and Caps Powdercoating locally did all of the black including ceramic coating my exhaust which I think turned out nicely. The owner of Caps (Ronnie) has done about 60 turbo application exhausts including Porsches and stated that all of them have worked great. He did mention to cycle the curing process by starting the car for a few minutes and then let cool, re-starting for longer and let cool and so on. He said that by incrementally increasing the heat that you are strengthening the cermaic coat for a longer life. This will be ok up to 2000 degrees farenheit.

Please feel free to reply with comments, questions, or anything else that suits you. I have included some gratuitous pics.


In the first photo I have included my air breather cover. The little plastic pegs that sit inside the holes on the breather neck snapped off. Are these of any importance?

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