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I'll have pics on friday since I'm heading to where the car is at that point.

To answer some of the questions, (and ask a few more of my own):

1. The car starts and runs perfect. I mean, totally perfect, and feels and runs like a stock 930 should. Pulls hard and feels VERY healthy, except it is apparently not building the boost it should and the "kick in the ass" falls off sharply over 6000 RPM, whereas other stock cars I've driven will pull hard to redline. Being a Euro car with the more open exhaust, it comes on faster than the US cars I've driven, but then it runs out of breath early.

2. The previous owner was an older doctor who bought the car new in 1985. Rather conservative gentleman from what I can gather. He died in 1998 and his sons inherited the car. In the last 10 years, they've driven it VERY little, and it's pretty well sat with little exercise for the last 6-8 years. They said they felt "weird" driving "dad's car". The odds of him installing a "weaker" wastegate spring might be possible since the car runs totally perfect otherwise.

3. In the month before I bought it, it had the engine and transmission dropped out and the entire gearbox rebuilt with new synchros, tightened shift linkage, new clutch and flywheel, all new gaskets on the engine, valve adjustment, A/C rebuilt and charged with R134a, and the engine's compression and leakdown was tested at the time. A load of other work was performed as well. All documents provided show the engine had VERY good compression and leakdown numbers, (I don't have the documents in front of me, so I don't have the numbers here). The gearbox didn't need the full rebuild, the guy just wanted to make sure it was perfectly "as-new" before he sold it. Receipts indicate that the PO spent almost $9000 on the car in order to bring it out of storage and make it ready to hit the road. It needs nothing, (except the low-boost thing of course).

4. As far as being a "stock purist" goes, I'm not hung up on EVERY part saying "Porsche", but I would want any replacement parts to replicate the function of the original. For example, when I talked about the car possibly being low-boost with my brother, he immediately said to put a 1 Bar spring in, (he's a hot-rodder), and I was aghast. I would not be opposed to replacing the WG or spring with aftermarket parts, as long as they maintain the stock "feel" and power of the original. I prefer it as a "period piece" and a glimpse into the past. An '80s 911 Carrera on Steroids. I love the stock 16" Fuchs and suspension. I love the stock brakes. I want the car with the Euro standard 300hp and 317 lb/ft (I think that's the torque number). No more, and certainly no less. If aftermarket parts can supply that, and look similar to stock, I am there, but I don't wanna go down the slippery slope of modifications because I don't know where it ends. I just like 'em stock. Plus, the car is already so close to dead-stock, I figure it's easier to keep it that way than start modding. I hope this makes sense.

5. Upon further memory, I'm not sure if the muffler is stock. It is a non-catalyst muffler that sounds and flows well, but it is only a single outlet, and I thought all the 930 mufflers were the twin outlet. It is also FAR smaller than the muffler on my dad's aforementioned '87 US 930. I will post pics, but what are the odds of scoring a Euro-spec non-cat 930 muffler if I need one?

6. Also, any upshot to securing a set of 16x9 Fuchs so I can mount the 245/45-16 tires? Per 1985, It has the 16x8 Fuchs on there with the 225/50-16 tires. Does the extra 20mm make a difference in handling?

7. I know it was retarded to buy a car without driving it first, but I found it advertised while I was gone and the car came with extensive documentation and I had a local Porsche place check it out before I made the deal, and well, I bought it for "average" 1985 Carrera money, and it's a pristine Turbo. So I jumped on it. I think it's 95% there, it just needs to get over the boost issue before it's perfect.

Thanks for all the help. I am VERY excited about this car. Nothing is like it. I am absolutely ga-ga over the 930s.

I will post pics of the car and the exhaust to help the diagnosis. I really don't think it'll take much toe be perfect.
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