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New Obsession #9XX

First thing she says when she walks in the door ďWhat smellsĒ my less than witty response ďHoney I was bakingĒ a long pause, then in whisper ďmy cylinder headsĒ lol
Almost got caught in the act of installing the new valve guides on the kitchen counter. Good thing I just finished the job before she got home. Women they just donít understand these things.

Before I go any further, Iíll confess Iím a 930 virgin. But willing to change my N/A ways and convert, well if I have to. Perhaps a brief introduction is in order as Iím new to this forum. I was a motor head in my younger days, had a few muscle cars and then you know the story, married, kids priorities. Either Iím a slow learner or going into my second childhood, probably both, but anyway its time for a little self-inductance.

After a lifetime of craving and dreaming of some day owning my own Porsche and nearly a year of searching, I finally did it. I laid down my hard earned cash on A 87 3.2 911 Weíve been together for 15 wonderful months now and Iím happy to report that we are still very much in love. I considered a few other newer models 993c4, 964c4, and for a while a 930 but in the end narrowed it down to a 1987, the deciding factor, it is exempt from our emission regulations and this opens up the door wide open for fun!

Here we are the engine is torn down, ready to build and now what to do?
Obsessed with this Iím wearing the search button here, but I still need more answers.
Iíve been sitting on the top of a very slippery slop, trying to decide which path to slide down. Itís a Toy; hopefully it will see some track use? I like the idea of a scary fast ride, but lets be real and at what cost!

So hereís what Iím proposing and where Iím at with current thoughts.
Target approximately 260 to 360 HP on 94 octane or blended fuel if needed. I know big window. Trying to increase volume over higher boost safely with a single plug. Lets say approx .6 to .85 max appropriate to the higher comp ratio Depending on costs, I might need to split up the build in stages. So start with internal mods that will benefit boosting but still work well while N/A. I have already cleaned up the heads, exhaust &intake ports and plenum from casting flaws also boat-tailed the case to reduce turbulence. Will use stock rods with ARP bolts, and at minimum change the lower 12 head studs to steel. Not sure if I really need more than the steel for this application? I could run my current heat exchangers with a J pipe for now if need be and upgrade to headers later.

If I reuse piston and cylinders, still within spec and use a thicker base shim and c2 head gaskets, reducing comp and increasing piston valve clearances, what cams can I run? Should I still stay with the Motronic cam or will this open a small window to upgrade and if so what would be a better choice 964 or 20/21?

This is enough for now; I have more questions for later
Thanks to every one for sharing your valuable knowledge, Paul
Thank You for your time, Paul. We do because we can.
87 911 3.2 (Turbo conversion, build in progress, Thermal Barrier Coatings, High Pressure Dry film coatings) Modified heads, boat-tailed case, ARP hardware, OBX Header, 930 clutch disk, G50 Trans
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