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Thoughts on Porsche today and interesting conversation with a German

I know this prolly belong in 'OT' but since this is the coolest forum on the board, thought i would post here first. Was sitting on the beach between kitesurfing sessions in the DR this past week, reading the lastest issue of Christophorus which had come in the mail the day before i left. I was also reading the parts of Paul Frere's book 'Racing Porsches of the 70's' that i had skipped in the past, esp as relates to development of the 917/10 and Turbo-Carrera (hint-starting future project). Anyway, here is the magazine that represents Porsche, and there was litterally NOTHING in it that i could relate too. I had just finished reading in Frere's book about all of the simultaneous developement of some of the greatest sports cars ever created by a dedicated band of enthusiasts at all levels, and then i look at modern Porsche trying to sell me the new 'Panabomination' between touting how the Cayman has 'new tires' for 2009(!!! wow) or how the Cayenne is featured in the latest dumb-a$$ hollywood flick! (i kid u not... go read it!!) This company that calls themselves Porsche has two types of racing cars now and they act like it's the main focus of the company! Layer after layer of BS and glossy marketing schtick was all that i saw in that mag (fittingly, my last as i let my subscription lapse)... between designing Porsche cell-phones, coffee cups, clothing, toys etc, were is the substance or support for the grassroots enthusiast who made the company?

Anyhow, there was a guy from Germany out on the water kiting with me, who as it turns out, owned an early S and had owned a 930. We of course started talking about the state of affairs of Porsche when he saw what i was reading, and he said that a lot enthusiasts in Germany are becoming more and more disaffected with modern Porsche, as it has turned from running a sports car company, and dropped support for its heritage and older models, or producing lightweight entry-level cars, to just another corporation, intent on keeping stockholders happy with M+A like with Volkswagen, without the soul or sense of purpose (making sports cars!!) it had in the past. Instead of joining Porsche, guys like Jan Fatthauer or Ruf, (whose ideas and creativity about building fast, avant guard Porsches in the spirit of Singer and Metzger would be at odds at 'modern' Porsche) start their own company. Was an interesting conversation. Just wanted to let you u guys know that we are not alone in our thinking on this side of the Atlantic.
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