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Originally Posted by Reaper930 View Post
This relates to the thead about "Essence" in the 911 forum...Porsche has lost it, but that's the one great thing about history and memories, we can keep those forever.

If Porsche wants to screw itself by forgetting how it got to where it was, that's fine by me - there will always be skilled machine guys that can remake the factory stuff - there will always be body guys that "get it" like Zuffenhaus that can refabricate the unique and inspired shapes that get us all hot and bothered. There will always be guys with the money for the new stuff but a taste for the old, that will resurect the true history and glorious past and showcase what was done so long ago that would give the current competition a run for its money.

Its not just the parts and chassis', its the spirit that no one can kill nor take away that will one day come out of hiding and choke slam Porsche's board of directors and strap them in the side seat next to Mark Donohue for a few 917/30 laps with the boost turned up, then onto their lession with Al Holbert in the 944 GTR Turbo (750 bhp 4 cylinder) to show what an "entry level" car can achieve for a finishing ride with Paul Newman in the 935 around LeMans, then they will see God and understand the error of their ways.

These pics show a time when Porsche raced EVERYTHING it made - no wonder Nissan is now a competitor.

Give me my anti-cupholder, non air conditioned, anti-technology assisted, no airbaged, toggle switched, no rear seat havin' , 6 point harnessed, flared fendered, uncomfortable and smelly, ear drum splitting, flame shooting and ground shaking 930...take the bling bling faux aluminum 997, Cockster, the Gaymen, the Fagyanne and Panapukester and blow it out ur ass.

We are now that small group of motivated individuals, doing the best we can with what we have, making improvements when neccessary. The heritage and history fall to us lowly mortals, to pass on and inspire the up and coming generations, to instill in them what is true and good - what the spirit of Motorsport is all about. I refuse to ackowledge the day when someone mentions the name Norbert Singer and everyone has a clueless look. The candle has been passed, it is up to us to carry it.

F@#$'ay, well said Gabe. GREAT pix too bro.. what i'm talking about. Nothing pi$$es me off more than BS over substance, esp. these days, when u look around yourself and it is all show and no go from people to companies, even Porsche. This board is about hardcore speed, and making faster, nastier, hairier cars, just like the old days. Until Porsche starts doing this again ( i soo much enjoyed those pu$$ies at Porsche today getting themselves worked up when the GT-R beat out the GT2 on the 'Ring... even if it was with a tweaked version. It's what those smug latte-sipping bean counting dweebs need to wake their assess up, but i doubt anything will do that except tanking model lines) When i get in my 80's rides (esp the Turbo) I KNOW i am part of something that was special.
When i finally look at a model like the Cayman, and can get LSD (not even an option now!!!Pretty much says it all) or the Turbo as an option, or competition goodies, or can even turn on Moto Europa and see them on the track, only then i will know that i can come home again. Until then, i'm here.
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