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Not to good with cam figures, call WEB and see if they say the cam is FI compatable. If they say "it's possible but not recomended" they it probably isn't a good idea. Ask them what the ideal fuel system would be. I'm guessing the cam will be the limiting factor.

If the cam is O.K. the 1.7L FI needs to be modified.
1. The MPS must be recalibrated, or one from a 2.0L must be used (but considering you have a non-stock cam it will most likely need adjustment also)
2. The throttle body is a little on the small side for a 2.0L, it can be bored out, but a 2.0L would be better. Which means you also need the 2.0L intake and air filter.
3. There should be a CHT boss in the head. If not one can be drilled and tapped pretty easily.
4. The 1.7L injectors don't flow as much as the 2.0L ones, but by bumping up the fuel pressure you can compensate for that.

The best route, would be to use a FI specific cam (the stock one is very good) and a 2.0L intake, TB, MPS, air filter housing, and CHT sensor. The 73 1.7L brain is the same as the 73 2.0L brain the 70-72 1.7L brain 'might' work, I don't know for sure.

I hate to say it, but with a non-stock cam, and head work, your best option may be to get dual carrr.... carberrrrr.... I can't bring my self to say it, but dual webber 40's (44's are probebly too big, ask WEB) would do the trick.
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