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Originally Posted by DDDD View Post
What was the Cayman S like? I am curious to know what you liked and disliked about it, because I probably won't ever get to drive one since I would just buy a 996TT for that kind of money. Or better yet, another 930...
Here are my impressions of the Cayman S:

Exterior design is weak and will be outdated quickly, like every other contemporary Porsche. Gimmick scoops and complicated "details" don't age well - they're used by designers to make new cars look "new", but they're no substitute for an aesthetically complete design. Certainly there won't be any Cayman posters on kids' walls, especially not 5 or 10 years from now.

Typical new Porsche - looks and feels like (pick a Japanese car), soft touch materials won't age well, overall luxury car feel. Cupholders, sat nav, faux aluminum accents - just like Dr. Porsche always dreamed of

Driving Impressions:
Again, typical new Porsche - good chassis, powerful brakes - but completely uninvolving and sanitized. PSM that can't be turned off (yeah you can turn it off, but it kicks back in it thinks you're having too much fun). NO LSD (what the hell?) is very noticeable, especially since it feels like the traction control tries to compensate. Brakes are way over-assisted, steering is slightly over-assisted but still has decent feel. Stock suspension is soft and tuned for extreme understeer, presumably to keep the latte drinking soccer daddies from getting into any trouble (although I must admit, Porsche has done this for decades). The engine has the passionless rasp of a 350Z, mechanical, but sanitized and soulless - as if you're listening to a recording of an engine. But that might have as much to do with noise regulations in the EU as anything else, so perhaps blame isn't squarely on Porsche. Bling-bling 19" wheels to keep up with the Jones's, etc. Your basic all-around yuppie car. Oh, and the quality is also typical new age Porsche: style over substance. These cars will be gracing a landfill near you in 10 years time...

In a nutshell:
Is it a capable car? Yes. Is it fun to drive? Maybe for a day. Is it challenging to drive? About as challenging to master as a battery-powered Barbie Jeep. Will they stand the test of time? Not a chance, in my opinion. Forgettable, disposable Porsches.
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