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Cowtown, you have an excellent point that these cars saved Porsche so it could continue to thrive, but what would the expense be to add options for the true enthusiasts?

I don't think I'd mind all the other cars as much if Porsche still offered a stripped down, big hp and well setup version of them besides the GT2 & 3. Even those are far from spartan, but for the price paid people expect more goodies.

In the end its not that we're upset Porsche did what it had to do to survive, but that it won't turn back around and honor its heritage, to get back out on that race track and put foot to ass and take over like they did in the end days of Can Am. I follow Porsche racing fleetingly now because I don't like to continually read about Porsche losing and moving farther from the front of the pack. I'm no fair weather friend, but I can't say they're actually trying anymore.

But unlike so many of the posts and threads on other boards and forums - we're not just sitting around getting all dumpy about it. We're already taking things into our own hands, and just with the members of this board, the cars represented here show that we're committed to pushing forward with the true direction the company should be reaquiring.

We may not be buying parts from Porsche directly anymore, but that's because we're improving them, and getting small products that are R&D'd on the race track for our rides. If Porsche offered any of the parts on my car, I'd buy them. If they still offerend even half of their vintage stuff - they'd be raking in the cash. In 90% of the cases, we try to sort out the old factory stuff, the rare and unobtainium parts in order to be more "correct".

The problem is that Porsche stopped making stuff we wanted, and started focusing on what size coffee mug would best suit their product line. And we're F'n pissed about it - but instead of mopping around, myself, Juicersr, Matteo, VZ935, URY914, Tarheel, Miguel, Rarlyl8, the good men at Zuffenhaus, Elephant Racing, 930gt-40r, Cly8ton, JohnJL, Onboost, and about 8 million other guys are in the trenches fighting the good fight. And that, IMHO, is what shows that the spirit and essence are not only alive and well, but thriving.
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