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Originally Posted by Cowtown10 View Post
thats what Porsche has done, I am a purest and nothing can beat a 930 for that raw "holy **** this car is going to kill me rush". I dont agree with a Boxster or Panamera, (indifferent about the Cayenne) but without these offerings Porsche would not have survived just selling 911s.
We have done nothing to support Porsche either, how many OEM parts have been purchased for our older cars or who takes them to a Porsche dealer...I know I don't. I would love to be able to support the brand by buying a C4S or Cayenne but not a financial option.
Racing as much as I love it and have worked in the motorsports industry for years doesnt sell cars.
Win on Sunday sell on Monday was a product of the 70s...Doesn't happen anymore

I love my car, love Porsche and the good people on these forums but Porsche has done everything right IMO (Panamera???) to weather the storms to be an industry leader and to be around for another 60 years

EVOLVE OR DIE. ( or we would be wearing bell bottoms and listening to ABBA)
Sorry bro, but u missed the point of this thread entirely.

Let me break it down as simply as possible.

Say you like a shirt that is made in a certain way, with a certain cloth, cut, style, etc. U buy it, not just because of the style, but because of the fabric used, how it is made by the company, etc. U just like how it feels and looks. Then, suppose the company starts using polyester or whatever, plastic instead of mother of pearl buttons, and starts having it mass produced overseas, so quality, fit suffers. Yes, it allows the company to survive, but even if it is still the same company and shirt... would U still buy it???

Or, look at i another way. Suppose in 1964/65 a financial crisis had struck Porsche and they had brought in another Weidking to striaghten things out? Do u think that all the things u love about Porsche, the cars that MADE Porsche, including the 930 that sits in your driveway, would be there? The fact is that Porsche went through a bunch of mini financial crisis throughout its history, but they always maintained their committment to building as fast a car as possible (primarily because of Ferry still being around, but also because of the attitudes of the men at the helm - Metzger, Furhmann, Piech, etc.), and having a 'take no prisoners' attitude on the track, even when on the 'balance sheet' they could not afford it! I dont have a problem with porsche surviving, but the problem is that once the company has been 'saved' by Weedking, he has been allowed to direct all other aspects of the company to the exclusion of the attitude that made Porsche what it is, that is all.

I have $$ to spend on car stuff, but i dont think that i should have to spend $120,000 to get the kind of performance i can get with $30-50,000. I buy what performs best for the $$$, not just because it has a certain name.

I do support Porsche, and have over the last 15 years every time i buy their increasingly price-gouging parts.

And spence, while I agree that the 924 and 911 2.7 were dogs, look what Porsche made them into.... the later 911's and the 944S and 944 GTR that gabe mentioned. I dont see porsche doing $hit with the caymen, boxster except slapping expensive BS options on them that are meant for the country-club set and not enthusiast.

Finally, without involving all of it's products lines in racing, Porsche is simply just another car company, period. All of us here enjoy our 930's because they ARE products of a racing mentality. Without that, should i really careif Porsche is around for another 60 years, having 'evolved' into making minivans and sedans or whatever other crappy, unexciting car model like everyone else?

I remember an interesting quote by Ernst Fuhrmann from 'Excellence was Expected: 'It belongs to us, this racing business. We are often asked why we spend so much on it, from advertising, or motivation or engineering know-how. There is no single apsect that accounts for it, but [sic] that racing inspires'

Racing and speed is passion and soul and this used to flow through Porsche. I wish it would again.

BTW, i always hated ABBA.
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