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well i just hate i havent had a chance to chime in sooner, but now i'm upset!!

unfortunatly i have to agree with point of view that sometimes it takes models like the boxster and cayenne to provide the sales to keep the company alive, thats ok, but just like everyone has said it is so dissapointed that they went to the trouble to make a car like a cayman, and then no use it to its potential, i was just daydreaming the other day, can you imagine how awesome a cayman model that they stripped to 2500lbs and put a carrera S motor with with rolled fenders fat tires and an LSD would be ? and so what if its better than the base 911, did they think maybe they should improve on it, more? maybe do something a little more cutting edge step out on a limb to create something amazing?

I think the saddest day i've had in my car world in the past few years was finding out that a ****ING DATSUN (aka gtr) was able to beat the turbo and even the GT2 around the Ring, shouldn't that be the track german sports cars should detroy all? or am i missing something, its one thing to make a cheap car to sell to the masses, but the top of the madel range, top everything 200k car should laugh a that stupid japanese toy. the GTR is hardly a sports car at all, its a extremely advanced video game that my grandmother could probably lap with the best of them,
Point is , datsun should not be able to, no matter what computer they put in their cars or how sophisticated, or powerful , be able to beat the best porsche has to offer at any track.. EVER!!!!!!!!
Perhaps if the turbo and GT2 weren't such fat asses and were a little stripped down machines and they should be, it shouldn't be that hard to get a GT2 to 3000lbs? i mean ****ing corvette doesn't have a problem building a 640bhp 3100lb car for half the money of the GT2?

Unfortunatly instead of change i have a feeling 10 years from now the only thing you'll be able to buy new is electric cars with no soul, or gay biodiesel ****! haha
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