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Motor is in and the car purr's like a kitten. Some of the issues when I was getting her going.

1) The car would not start even though I had spark at coil and plugs. I had my fuel distributor rebuilt so I was leaning towards a bad dist. That was not it. I pulled one of the injector lines (#6) to see of I was getting any fuel... the answer was no. I even pulled the fuel cut-of switch so they ran all the time. So I decided to push on the air-sensor plate and BOOOMNMM, fuel came pooring out into the cup from #6. I didn't realize at the time that air had built up in the system from all of the lines (and dist.) being completely empty. I then put the car back together and tryed to start it... started right up. I then waited until support (fellow pelicanites) were around to run the car for 20 minutes to break in the cams.

2) Breaking in the cams: The car ran rough which was caused from it being too rich (did not know at the time) but went the full 20 minutes and ran fine but would not idle. One of the guys said they could smell fuel so I started to adjust the mixture (counter-clockwise) to lean it out. After about 3-4 10ths of a turn (40 degrees or so) the AFR gage finally read 10... Man this thing was rich. I kept adjusting until she was around 14 at idle. Now the car really sounded good with the SC cams. It sounds a little meaner with the SC cams as it did with the 964's that I had before.

3) The motor seems dry after the rebuild. Everything looks good. I am planning (weather permitting) to drive the car tomorrow and see how she does. I need to run non synthetic oil for the first 1,000 miles to seat the rings but will change after 200 to make sure there are no chunks that I should know about or anything.

I will keep the forum updated but I wanted to say thank you to Rod (cl8ton), Julian (CarMad) and Alan (HipDoc) for helping me with time, parts, and engine stand and the consumption of my beer when they were over. Without you guys I would not have been able to complete this task or be able to taste new beer as I bought it at the store weekly. Go Fat Tire!!!

Wish me luck tomorrow.

Kind Regards,

The picture that led to this all... crazy blue smoke and a blown turbo seal after only 800 miles.

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