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I agree totally with you Chuck, its all about training and mental state. Having a gun doesn't make you tougher or smarter, it just amplifies the concequnces of what you do. And I'd like to think that both myself and my father are rational and logical people who don't let that go to our heads.

The main fact is that should the worst happen where its not as easy as giving up a watch, car keys or wallet we are prepared. But it is important to know that an untrained person with a gun is more dangerous to themselves and others than if they didn't have it in the first place.

Originally Posted by Chuck Jones View Post
To be perfectly honest....I think that some folks are flat out dangerous with a concealed weapon....just as some are flat out dangerous driving a Porsche like an idiot thru traffic.

When a person carries a weapon, he/she can develop a reliance on the fact they're "packing"
and use the enhanced self-image to get into situations that they might not otherwise get into. In other words they'd have a tendency to use their head rather than draw a gun to equalize the situation. Although the Constitution contains language that your right to own a weapon "shall not be infringed".....some people are just not emotionally stable enough to be trusted with one.

Someone mentioned background checks. What exactly do they look into? Usually a quick records check to see if you have had any felony arrests.....well the feds supercede the state regulations with language that if you've ever been convicted of a domestic violence offense, even if the offense was a are in a prohibited group. Ever notice on the questionnaire you fill out when you go to buy a gun...."Ever been convicted of an offense involving domestic violence?" That's just one instance....but there are others. For instance folks who have been committed to a mental institution.

I guess what I'm trying to say without invoking the collective wrath of the cyber lynch mob is that there are folks running around out there who are drunks, do heavy drugs etc...who are packing with a CCW permit...and they're dangerous. There's a saying amongst the law enforcement community that....Your badge only covers so much of your A$$. If you have a gun and pull are in a situation where you're either forced to use it or stick it up your A$$. All this bravado about shoot to kill, using big bore weapons, hollow nosed rounds, armor piercing etc is fine in a combat situation....but on the street it can easily evolve to getting into situations that you might not find yourself in if you didn't have the false sense of security.

I don't deny that there are those instances and neighborhoods or areas where it's good to have a backup....but for the most part, most of the folks on this forum dont' live there.

I know I'm going to get flamed....but the fact remains that too many folks couldn't hit a bull in the A$$ with a banjo...and they're out there carrying a gun with little or no training and sometimes even less common sense.
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