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Sorry about the previous double post, there was a glitch while uploading.
I'm no Expert, I do however enjoy reading and learning. Here is some info on IC and the adjoining tube assemblies

Here is a link to some interesting reading on IC

Are there other factors of flow loss, in the intercooler assembly, rather than just the core?
Yes, entry into the intercooler inlet tank and the smoothness of the exit tank. The adjoining tube assemblies, their length, size and bend configurations are all part of the flow loss total.
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How/why is the flow loss significant?
The net result is the production of power. It is hugely important because the power required to drive the air thru the system must come from somewhere. Depending on whether the system is turbocharged or supercharged, will determine how much power is lost from the restriction.
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What factors affect the pressure or flow loss?
The internal flow area is the major controlling factor. Tube length is the second biggest consideration, as a tube twice as long as another will have nearly twice the drag at the same air velocity. Tube entry and turbulator density play small roles and can be considered insignificant. When configuring the orientation of the core in a given space, always position the core to offer the shortest length tube and the most number of tubes. Clearly, this optimizes the internal flow area.
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Are there any improvements that can be made to the system for improved efficiency?
Yes, several small factors influence the efficiency. A proper duct is probably the single most beneficial thing that can be done to an existing intercooler. Positioning in the main stream of ambient air is crucial. By comparison, a taped up intercooler with no ambient air flow will offer only about 20% efficiency.
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Is some intercooling better than no intercooling?
No. It depends on the design of the intercooler, and there are two factors involved; efficiency (how much heat is removed) and the flow restriction (lost pressure) created by the presence of the intercooler. Regardless of the efficiency, if too much pressure is lost, then the intercooler is either useless or can actually decrease performance.
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Thank You for your time, Paul. We do because we can.
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