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When using an injection system containing any amount of methanol you should always tune the motor for the methanol, not just add it in as an effective mask to detonation. No matter how much mixture is added, it always affects how the tune finalizes. With any of my tunes the injection fuel and timing maps are always far different than those not running injection. doesn't matter if it's 100cc/min water or 600cc/min methanol, although I prefer using an 80/20 methanol to water mix ratio for optimal results. Little bit of water actually helps steam clean the cylinders and keep carbon from forming, even on the Evo with the super rich 11.0-11.2 WOT trims......

Snow Performance is an ok system. They get certain parts from Labonte, which is another great system. I've used and installed both extensively(dealer for both actually), but prefer to tune with Labonte over Snow. Both companies offer boost or MAF reference based systems with a little bit of progressive tuning possible. I prefer Aqamist over all however their costs are often not justified on most vehicles.

I use Methanol injection on probably a good 90% of my customers builds. Evos, Subarus, Porsche, turbo diesel trucks, etc. I just love the benefits of using it on motors that are pushed 100-200% beyond their OE power capabilities in stock form.

Craig....I too believe that the 930 intake manifold is a problem with fluid injection. It's not meant to flow a fuel soaked airflow mixture without puddling and that would certainly result in a poorly balanced distribution. Typically if you're using a single nozzle system you'd want to inject the mixture into the charge flow before the TB, to allow it sufficient time to atomize and pull a little heat from the air right then. ~6-12" suffices most of the time, so that would put the nozzle right smack in the post- intercooler end tank on the 930/965's.

However with the 930 manifold in mind, I'd be more apt to run a multiport(multi nozzle setup) spraying directly down into the injector blocks from the manifold. What you have to watch for on post throttle setups is vacuum draw and creating a syphon, which could lead to fouling on deceleration, but worse would be hydrolocking the motor after it's been shut down. a simple anti-syphon solenoid(common upgrade in kits) is the key fix.
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