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HP wastegates use stiffer springs to keep the exhaust manifold pressure from blowing the gates open prematurely. EBC is used to control the boost pressure onset and upper level, but is only as good as the gates' ability to stay closed under it's own spring pressure. If the gates blow open prematurely to what you have set, you're loosing potential drivability due to increased spool time.

Modern EBC's usually have a "spring pressure" setting that the EBC programming takes into account and uses to factor in how it controls the EBS(boost solenoid). It'll hold off opening the solenoid to the wastegate diaphram(s) as per a determined setting to maximize spool characteristics(and low end torque). However if you set this as 15 psi and the gates start to blow open at 10 because the force of the exhaust pressure against the flapper valve is greater than the spring pressure, you bypass exhaust prematurely that could be used to spool the turbos quicker.

Remember, most internal wastegate actuators only have a boost opening reference, unlike external units that have an opening and blow closed reference to boost pressure, so their only closing force is the spring pressure itself. There ARE dual reference internal wastegate actuators available, but only for certain makes as a bolt on application. By the time you purchased them and adapted them to the hybrids, you be close or at the $450 marks anyway.

Didn't realize Tony offered that as standard equip. I know most of his kits are 996 turbo based though. I guess it depends on how you plan to run this beast and what the stock gate setting is going to be. If they're set at say .8bar and you're only planning on running 1 bar, it may be best to save the $450. However if you're planning on running like 1.5 bar then the $450 spent will come in handy.

It is a crap shoot I know, choosing what options to add into the shopping cart

good luck!
Adam Hennessy
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