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I had to re-read your initial statement, d'oh I'm sorry - I was more thinking it was for YOU and to be Wife Friendly.

Many good points made above. And agreed Calvin - my wife's entire family were all American when we met now all Euro. Nutty.

For HER daily, you're spot on - you want her *happy* which means no maint. issues. Focus then on opp's with best warranty. 2nd the 550i thought, tremedous amount of car for the $ right now.

Or E55 (with added CPO or other extended warranty on either BMW or MB) are smart options. C6 A6 4.2L could be interesting too, heard rave things. Do not look into the Lexus / Infiniti light look away...

Yes neu CTS-V too $$$ / old one is, well... unacceptable for a wife's daily.

C5 RS6 rock hard but are not for the squeemish. If it were for YOUR daily maybe, but they're not w/o maint. issues (chronic DRC suspension failures / tq convert issues) but also come with other maintenence 'fun' like $$$ tbelts every 35k and $900 rotors / $400 pads.

CayenneTT could be real entertaining. Stop laughing 8-). Bud just scored an all black and optioned one, low miles and warrantied for like hi $20k's. Helluvalottarig those are, I whirled one years back they're quiiiite the hoot to er exploit. Wife's like the 'commanding' driving position being higher up, and she will glow in her circles as Porsche ownership settles in. And you'll get to ahem enjoy it. SUV's are handy to have around not to mention, and AWD mit snows it's a skimobile. My bud's using his as a tow rig for an enclosed hauler. Bastid.

I'm sure that Dodge is amusing and is built ok long as you're in warranty. Just a little too amusing I'd worry. Dunno, I don't usually get too hung up on image but I'm not sure I'd want my wife in 'that'. Depends on who she is I guess.

Report back on your findings, happy hunting. Buyer's market certainly.
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