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550i would be a safe bet - by safe I mean still fun but being more rock solid in terms of reliable. E55 would be my 1st choice tho... assuming you can find the right car / warranty and be somewhat savy with likely glitches that will invariably ensue down the road. My gut.

E55 power is fantastic, it comes on without violence and just seems to 'happen'. Same with brakes - you just stop. Traction control is a must, and, I'm told budget for rear tires same as you would your 930 heh heh. Helluva car, chock full of stuff, and just all around an awesome experience.

RS6's are actually in 20-30k's now, but still - PASS. Trust me. Amazingly fun car, just not 'for her'.

Original CTS-V - lotta fun to whoop up on, shoddy interior, clickclackety drivetrain (on / off throttle, it was obnoxious), heavy clutch, etc. Neu CTS-4 I rented was worlds better, dare I admit even impressive. I look forward to some neu V time I do.

//S8... well I'm obviously biased. It's a frickin *supreme* automobile. But, '03s as new as you get, $17k currently gets you a 75k car. Prob is, they're not w/o issue. They're bulletproof - once you've sorted them. They ALL leak here there everywhere, and will have drainage issues that need attending to. Ton of car for the dough, but if your budget is $30-40k, I'd look to C5 A6 4.2 instead, or E55.

Again tho, CayenneTT is hard to go wrong with IMO. Fun in a box!
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