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Guys, I'm new here so be gentle! Here's my two cents

I bought Jerry Brinkley's Turbocharged 3.2 and shipped it back here to the UK.

The car was running Billie HD's at the front and sport rears.

Standard late Carrera TB's (18/25) to which Jerry had added the Rebel Racing Coil over set-up to the rear with 200lb sprigs to control squat. The car was dyno'd over here at 371bhp at the crank (still mapped for your low RON fuel) so it should make around 400 when I have it remapped for our 98RON gas.

Once UK legal it's first drive was 1500 miles to and from Le Mans in France. Several guys in the group drove it including some 911 race and rally drivers from Aus and NZ. We all agreed the car was way too stiff at the back and fairly weird to drive (no offence Jerry). The imbalance made the rear pogo and high speed cornering was interesting to say the least. However, I can confirm the car had zero squat. You dropped the clutch and it went flat towards the horizon.

When we got back I had the car professionally set-up by Francis Tuthill (they build and rally historic 911's). This improved the basic handling, but the poor turn in and pogoing still remained.

Next a trip to Silverstone GP Circuit for a track day. Interesting day. I drove like Miss Daisy. The car handling was unpredictable. No turn it, no traction out of the corners; it was a point a squirt day. In the chicanes the rear would lurch about making the second turn a lottery. There's a brief video link on the forum which you can view, but what it doesn't show was the times I tried to take Club Corner - a fast left/right direction change as most times I didn't make it (straight across the grass and out the other side).

Anyway back home, dropped out the coil overs and replaced the 200's with 100lb springs (still too much IMHO but the lowest I could get off the shelf) + 4lb helpers to keep them engaged at all times. Result - transformation.

The car now turns in and tracks round the bends. The pogoing has all but disappeared. There is now some squat, but 911's are meant to have a little. The steering doesn't go light and the rear follows the front.

I can't comment on what your roads are like or what you're trying to achieve, but on our bumpy windy roads and twisty racetracks, dialling out all the squat made the car horrible to drive.

There's more work to be done and the next plan is to get it to another track where a friend of mines mate will check it out. He builds and races 911 ice driver car so knows his stuff when it comes to setting up 911''s. I may go a little stiffer at the front, nothing extreme, but what I have now is close to the last 930 set-up spring rate wise. Still a little high at the rear though, but that would require some lower rated springs to be custom made and it's probably easier to stiffen the front TB's a little to return the balance.

FWIW I love the car. Jerry did a great job and I'm building on his good base.

'87 3.2 with a twist.....371bhp and 325lbs/ft
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