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Originally Posted by WERK-I View Post
Keep in mind that any oil leaving the turbocharger is NOT filtered on its way back to the oil tank. And since oil is only filtered when the oil is returned from the engine through the oil filter, this is probably the problem. I noticed in your photo you have an aftermarket exhaust. Do you have aftermarket headers on your car as well? The factory turbo sump tank had a screen that caught larger pieces of coke before it went to the turbo's sump pump on its way back to the oil tank. The aftermarket turbo sump tanks do not have a screen.

It definitely looks like coking. I found similar bits in my clogged oil sprays bars when they failed. I highly recommend that you get an inline oil filter that you can put on the line between the turbo sump pump and main oil tank. I don't want to alarm you, but this is a somewhat serious problem. The tank and oil lines have to be completely drained and cleaned out somehow. For the contaminants (coked oil)already in the engine, I really don't have any good news for you there......... I would listen for a noisy valve train over the next several hundred miles. If the sprays bars clog, you are looking at dropping the engine and replacing the rocker arms, cams, spray bars and possibly valves and guides. Sorry.


If that particulate came from you oil you're going to want to take every precaution you can at this point to prevent clogged spray bars. You should install a stainless mesh type screen filter for a dry sump system in the manner Dave described. Peterson sells them cheap, and they're cleaneble/rebuildable as well and with the proper AN fittings would take no time at all to install and prevent further particulate intrusion into the motor.
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