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Originally Posted by 911st View Post
I hope you have a fueling strategies as the stock system will not support that level of power.

Playing with some numbers just for fun: A stock 3.6T is 360hp, remove cat/muffler = 380hp. Add boost, 380/1.8 x 2= 422hp. Convert to rwhp, 422 x .85 for drive train loss = 360 rwhp.

Most dynos read differently than the Porsche factory numbers. For example my chipped, cat delete 3.2 pulls 217rwhp which would be 255fwhp.

My maxed C2T with larger IC core, big ports, big exaust, euro head, SC cams... and the K27-7200 pulled about 330 rwhp and would only get to about .92 bar boost. I did not dyno it with the K29 or HF/7006.

380rwhp is 447 fwhp. Very impressive.
The 964 fuel head and system is adequate for up to 400 rwhp not BHP. The fuel head is different for the 964 turbo vs the 930. The 930 will not flow as much fuel as the 964T. There is no way to produce 400 rwhp without changing cams too in a 3.6T. My AFR's are on the rich side especially under WOT she runs a slight bit lean just cruising around and at idle. Nothing I would worry about. If I leaned it out I could get a little more but not worth taking the risk with and I would not use this car on the track set up this way. If iwere to track it i would drop boost down to .85 or .9 bar but for street use you aren't at WOT all that often unless you have a death wish or need to spend some time in the slammer.

The HF K27 really made a difference and I was at 365 RWHP with all the changes and the cat still in place. The cat created way too much back pressure and the car would stumble off the line. IMO removing teh cat is the biggest bang for the buck with these cars.

My 964T will easily keep up with most any new sports car today.

here is a chart of a 3.3l 964 turbo using SC cams, B6 IC, Brian's adjustable WOR and an IA modified fuel head, not sure what turbo he was using my guess K29. AFAIK nothing else was done to it. This car was raced for an entire season under grueling hot conditions without destroying the motor. These are all RWHP numbers. Although i think pushing an engine to this extreme is asking for trouble. When it does go i wouldn't want to be around.

This is a chart from a 3.6T with just 1 bar spring and no other mods with fresh engine. Again these are RWHP #'s I have a lot more like these.

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