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Keith, right-on with starting this new thread! I'm listening and learning. You've got my mental wheels turning.
I haven't been following the 500+ postings on the digital WUR since I have no intention of buying one, but have always felt that we should be able to make other subtle (or maybe not so subtle) changes to our basic CIS system to get what the DWUR is promising.

Here's a thought that's been percolating in my head. I currently use the old Andial fuel enrichment, and it does indeed enrich but probably sooner than really needed. As soon as Mr. Leask gets down to the post office and ships my adjustable WUR to me, I will be exploring just exactly where and when that Andial should kick in...or if I even want/need to keep it connected. Also, I'm installing an MSD RPM switch and solenoid to delay the onboost WUR enrichment. So, I'll end up with an adjustable WUR, delayed enrichment based on the rpms chosen....and have this Andial thing wanting to enrich based on boost pressure.

I see a possible two (or three?) phased approach to AFR management with my current bits and pieces: (1) Let the Andial drop the CP at some point mid-power band to initiate the enrichment (say around .5bar), then let the RPM switch/WUR take over as the engine builds speed and is on full boost; (2) or maybe flip this all around and set the Andial to kick in only at the top end of boost (.8+bar), and have the RPM switch/WUR moderate the CP at midrange rpms when boost is not at it's peak; (3)'s another thought...drop the boost sensor for the Andial and have it energized with it's own MSD RPM switch instead.

In my case, it's all about gizzmos and how best to synchronize them together. The metering plate stalling that you've described and proposed solutions to seems very simple. Give me a couple hours in the shop and I'll fabricate a bolt-on plate extender (or whatever you call it). Then, set everything to dump fuel all over the place and I'll surely be so damn pig-rich and confused that I'll have to strip the car of all the add-ons, put the K26 and CAT back on and lamely return to stock!
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