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I've installed my own version of rpm limiter/solenoid to work in conjunction with my Andial enrichment gizzmo, and have it wired in series with the Andial stock boost pressure sensor. The boost sensor is set to activate at .7bar, and the rpm switch at 4600. These all feed back to the Andial control circuit board to activate the frequency valve. By wiring them in series, neither will activate the FV alone...both must have reached their threshholds. Consequently, rpms must be > 4600 and boost must be >.7bar for it to add fuel to the equation.

Why the dual setup? When going through the gears at less than WOT, and not developing boost beyond .7bar...but still running the rpm's up there...I don't risk adding extra fuel just because the rpm's happen to be at or above 4600. That's the theory anyway.

How's it working for me? Heck, I don't know yet since I just finished the installation! I've been using the Andial for several years in it's stock configuration, set to activate at .6bar but wanted to delay things even more with rpm selectability. I guess we'll see how it all comes together...when I get it all back together.

Now for "the rest of the story": I've got a Leask WUR on the way any day now, sans the rpm solenoid. Once installed, I'll have to see if by itself it's sufficient or build another rpm setup just to control the new WUR midrange (in which case I would deactivate the Andial setup).

Or maybe push car up to 5 zillion bar and crank everything up to the max until raw gas is hosing out the tailpipe. Think about it: A Leask WUR with boost enrichment adjustability and a custom modified Andial, and maybe even later a funky metering plate cone thingamajig to add even more fuel. Oh, and perhaps monkeying with my stock lambda system open-loop and rigging it to trigger at some excessive duty cycle, or adding a huge Garrett turbo.

Thus is the trap..."more is better". All this insantity is giving me gas(oline) pains. My internal bodily AFR's are at about 6.0, kinda like after eating too much Mexican food
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