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Cole are you talking system pressure? If so that can be shimmed to about 110psi, maybe more.
I want to monitor real time control pressure at the WUR and I will have a stand
alone system pressure gauge (like the one unwired offers for control pressure) in the engine compartment


Cole, high CP is off boost, low CP is on boost. Do you want to know how high CP goes, how low it goes, or both. These are both easyly tested at rest. You might be talking about the Digital WUR ranges. Sorry if this is not helpfull.
I wanted to know max. cp's so I can select a gauge that allows me to scale it for the best resolution.


I like what your doing. Very logical approach in a very organized test procedure. I am definitey interested in purchasingone of these spun plates, I just wonder how the profile of the plate will be developed? Someone mentioned a direct copy of the original which is a good starting point, but I wonder if a wedge or other profile is better?
Dyno testing or something that measures A/F control is a must.
The velocity plate I have is the original and has the profile that was originally used
and that's the plate we will have tested. The profile of the plate was developed by Bosch and Mercedes on Mercedes CSI's. If it does pan out I will make sure it's available to anyone that is interested. I will make sure nobody gets ripped off on price.

I want to be able to tune my 930 as well as possible by myself. It's my passion and I enjoy doing my own work. I do not have a lot of money so I try to make sure I'm not going off on some tangent that is just another fad or sham and has no practical benefit.

I have picked specific objectives for the car. Maximize the cars potential with
affordable bolt on parts. And secondly; do it in a manner that does not destroy the engine.

I had to do a top end so I did install sc cams, while doing the heads we did some light smoothing. I added headers and a different turbo, larger IC, MSD, short gears, fuel head air mod, 964 bov, and I have a DWUR comming.

I investigated what will break the engine. Too much boost, overreving, detonation. The first two are easy a boost controller maxed at 1 bar with the engine updates to support 1 bar and a 6500 rpm chip in the MSD. The last and most important detonation. Poor fuel, lean afr's, temprature, big boost, timing, and
no control over those variables will kill you. Enter the LM1.

If you can real time map AFR's, Map, Temp, CP, RPM, and Timing you can control detenation and optomize power. AND REALLY HAVE A LOT OF FUN DOING IT !!!!!!

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