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Engine lubrication

I think this topic has been covered here before, which should go without saying. This is most likely a topic that has been covered by every automotive list and magazine at least thrice.
I read the article on Pelican titled 'Everything you ever wanted to know about motor oil'. It opened up more questions for me to consider. I tried to do a search on this BBS on this subject with different keywords but havent come up with anything that would give me substantial information. So what I would like to do is gather the opinion of as many people as possible. If you have a horror story or a high mileage 914 that hasnt given you a hickup since the day you got it I'd like to hear it.
I change my oil every 3000 miles or so give or take 200 miles. I use my car mostly on the weekends, sometimes its in stop and go sometimes its on the open road and sometimes its high rpm high speed highway use. Most likely a little bit of everything. I change my oil filter with every oil change, an extra 5 bucks wont kill me. I use Mobil 1 0-30W and its getting a little cold here in NY. I used 0-30W since the middle of August. I currently live with an elusive oil leak which I will get to the bottom of once I pull the drivetrain to start rebuilding my gearbox. I used to have trouble with my oil light, when on the highway in 'hot pursuit', it would go on and stay on forcing me to abort. More recently since I've switched to Mobil 1 and changed it about 4 times around, it hasnt given me any trouble.
I know idling the car is bad and if it can be avoided it should, but what about cold mornings?. I've heard that one should start the engine let it build up enough pressure and just go and not wait for the it to be warm. Just as long as it isnt abused while it is still cold.
So what do you guys think, should I change my oil more often due to my 'aggresive/semi-aggresive' driving habits?,
Should I change the grade of my oil or the brand?. Whats the general opinion of brands like Redline or Amsoil?.

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