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I fully understand everyone has an opinion on 930 CIS, what can be done and what can't be done to improve it. I love the old sled and much like my lovely wife I accept its flaws and idiosyncrasies and still love it. I can't afford EFI, I would not spend the money for EFI if I had it. But I do want to get the most out of the CIS I have. To do this I have tried to logically approach the entire system by first making sure all the components that support the system work the way they were intended to. With that being done we are always left with the one variable everyone ends up with the fuel distributor.
In almost every discussion it is assumed that CIS will not provide enough fuel to support the HP the engine is producing. That opinion, in many cases, turns to which fuel head flows the most fuel. It is much more like some male ego thing about who has the biggest dick than it does having anything to do with solving any CIS issues. I would bet that 90% of us out here have never dynoed to actually prove we don't have enough fuel; I know I haven't, but I also don't know if that is even an issue with my set up. I would bet 90% of us have enough fuel available and have never done the necessary testing to find out; I know I haven't.
I have tried deligently to set a goal of having 11.9 - 12.1 afr's at 5600 RPM under 1 bar of boost with CIS regardless of what HP that ends up being. To put a system together that gives me the proven performance I can reasonably expect from the updates I have in a safe and reliable manner with no detonation. Untill I can read data that proves I cannot reach that goal with the set up have because of a lack of fuel I see no reason to do any fuel mods. After a lot of reading and several discussion with Steve Weiner, Bob Holcumb, Chris Fisher, and Chris Carrol I have come to the conclusion that I would modifiy the fuel head to get more air and facilitate full movement of the metering plate to allow full movement of the plunger and max fuel output. This has been done to make sure I am accessing all the available fuel from my fuel head without having to machining the metering slots. Once I have collected the data and definativly proven I have enough fuel I will be adding the DWUR to allow tuning of the fuel curve. I my opinion, presently, that's as good as it can be with CIS.

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