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Holy Cow! Did you read the specs on the web site?!?!

Here are a few choice snippets:
Two way radios
3.2.1. VHF FM multi-mode analog/digital transceiver with clear/secure voice and data capability.
3.2.2. VHF AM aircraft band radio (includes built-in independent GPS and Aviation map display and has an internal standby battery for emergency operation when primary and backup vehicle power systems have failed)
3.2.3. UHF multi-mode analog/digital transceiver with clear/secure voice and data capability.
3.2.4. HF/ALE (Automatic Link Establishment) with secure voice and data as well as selectable multiple waveform HF modems. Licensed and normally used on dedicated SSB commercial frequencies, but may also be programmed to operate in Amateur radio bands if desired for non-business communications by licensed Hams. HF Modems Pactor II ARQ, MILTOR, FTS-64, 39 tone, FEQ, Computer based multi-waveform
Cellular telephone #1 (analog/digital, front seat)
Cellular telephone #2 (analog/digital, back seat)
Cellular telephone #3 (GSM)
Satellite transceiver #1 (Inmarsat-B)
Satellite transceiver #2 (MSAT)
3.2.10. Satellite transceiver #3 (Inmarsat-C)
3.2.11. Satellite transceiver #4 (Globalstar)
3.2.12. CB radio (independent system)
3.3. Receivers
3.3.1. Frequency agile broadband receiver (weather bands, traffic advisories, commercial communications frequencies, etc). Controlled by NAVSYS computer.
3.3.2. Satellite weather receiver (Wefax L-band geostationary and LEO VHF)
3.3.3. AM/FM/CD commercial broadcast radio and shock resistant CD player.
3.3.4. Stormscope lightning surveillance receiver
3.3.5. Radar collision avoidance bearing sensor
3.4. Special Purpose Transmitters, Receivers or Transceivers
3.4.1. Tracking beacon with GPS and APRS capability
3.4.2. Area surveillance radar – 5Km range for vehicular MTI
3.4.3. Direction Finding system - UHF/VHF/HF capable
3.4.4. Tracking beacon with GPS and APRS capability
3.4.5. VIASTAR encoding transponder (location, speed, bearing, heading, systems status)
3.4.6. Alarm system keyless entry (coded, spread spectrum)
3.5. Repeaters
3.5.1. VHF – FM secure capable repeater (voice, data)
3.5.2. UHF – FM secure capable repeater (voice, data)
3.6. Telemetry
3.6.1. 12 channel remote control system (bi-directional error checking). Controls: Selected hydraulic winch forward reverse (high/low speed)
Selected hydraulic winch freespool clutch (on/off)
Engine speed idle/preset
Engine start/stop
Mast lighting on/off
Work lights on/off
Mast raise/lower
Aux. #1 on/off
Aux. #2 on/off
Siren on/off
3.6.2. Microwave Video Link #1 (from Dinghy)
3.6.3. Microwave Video Link #2 (to Trailer)
3.6.4. Spread Spectrum data Link #1 (2.8Ghz); to/from trailer(2.4 ghz?)
3.6.5. Spread Spectrum data link #2 (2.8Ghz); to/from large portable terminal(2.4ghz)
3.6.6. Spread Spectrum data link #3 (800 MHz); to/from small portable terminals
3.6.7. AppleTalk LAN
3.7. Antennas
3.7.1. VHF Vertical dipole whip; primary VHF transceiver
3.7.2. UHF vertical dipole whip; primary UHF transceiver
3.7.3. UHF blade antenna; UHF telemetry
3.7.4. Broadband whip; LF/MF/HF/VHF/UHF
3.7.5. HF whip on NVIS mount with automatic antenna tuner
3.7.6. AM/FM radio antenna
3.7.7. 5 GPS antennas
3.7.8. Inmarsat-B satellite antenna (autotrack)
3.7.9. Inmarsat-C satellite antenna (autotrack)
3.7.10. MSAT satellite antenna (autotrack)
3.7.11. 4 cellular 1/4 wave helical whips
3.7.12. Cellular (high gain erectable)
3.7.13. Wide band scanner (erectable)
3.7.14. Special Purpose antennas UHF/VHF DF antenna array (stacked) Stormscope antenna Surveillance radar antenna Radar proximity detector VHF/UHF log periodic (H & V polarization) Microwave log-periodic

The Maximog has four dedicated general purpose computers on board (Plus three in the trailer), and several single purpose microprocessor based controller computers. A dedicated spread spectrum wireless model provides high speed (1.5Mbs) connectivity between the primary computers in the Maximog and the Maximog Trailer, or to a terrestrial base station or other vehicle. This datalink has a range of about 1500 feet. Additionally a local AppleTalk wireless datalink provides wireless connectivity to compatible portable computers used in or within about 100 feet of the crew cab.

7.3. Triple GPS based moving map systems. All provide local display as well as raw position and time data to the onboard computers that may need it.
7.3.1. Driver’s system - Dedicated LCD display with GPS driven map from CD-ROM databases. Both on and off-road databases (including food, gas, hotels, and other points of interest) may be loaded. 1000 waypoint capacity with audio prompts which may be routed into the master intercom system.
7.3.2. Navigator’s system- 10.5- Sunlight readable touch screen (SYSNAV primary display) for moving map and static archival map display, trip logs and route editing. High precision GPS with differential correction and real time display of other vehicle equipped with APRS or Inmarsat-C tracking transmitters. Capable of dead reckoning or inertial navigation when GPS signal is unavailable.
7.3.3. Backup system - A combination VHF aircraft transceiver and GPS moving map display (with Jepson aviation database cards) is available when the other systems have failed or as a tiebreaker in the case of unidentified gross position error on either primary system.

21.1. DEEP WATER FORDING (6’ maximum fording depth)
21.1.1. Snorkel air induction system
21.1.2. Sealed power train with positive air pressurization whenever differential locks are engaged
21.1.3. Elevated breathers for the engine, transmission, differentials, reduction gear, etc.
21.1.4. All critical electronics in double sealed enclosures or elevated about mean high water level.
21.1.5. Automatic sump pump engages if water enters crew compartment
21.1.6. Generator breather air cutoff valves engaged when in fording mode

When money is no object...

It's so amazing it seems as if it were a spoof of some sort - but I think it's real.

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